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Police Record Checks (PRC)

As we prepare for another season we are checking very closely to ensure everyone has an updated PRC.

If you need to get your PRC done before the season starts, the deadline for this is October 1st.


Please follow directions below:

  1. The Police Record Check can be done on-line, follow the link to the police PRC site.  It is recommend that you do this on-line, since Ottawa Police Service are experiencing longer than usual wait times at this time at the Queensway Drive location.

  2. You will need to apply for Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC).

  3. Since you are an Nepean official, e-mail Jay Kleiman for a NMHA letter that will state you are a volunteer with their program (please be sure to indicate this on the VSC form).  This will save you a $15.00  processing cost.

  4. When you receive your PRC from the Ottawa Police, please scan it and send to Cameron Watts.  Also, include Jay Kleiman, and he willI remove your name from the PRC list.

  5. Please log into OMS put in the date of the PRC, and add 3 years. 

At times, they might want to do a finger print check. You will need to go to  2670 Queensview Drive. You will need 2 forms of identification plus the Nepean letter that shows you are a volunteer with the NMHA Officials. This letter will save you $45.00 cost associated with this. They will fingerprint you, and you will wait about 5-7 minutes for a confirmation back.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nico Bidin.

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