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Payback Program

NMHA Supervision Payback Program

Objective: Complete 500 supervisions

The HEO Minor has asked John Reid, HEO Minor RIC, to have each district complete 500 supervisions for the hockey season.

Therefore, the Nepean Minor Hockey Association Officiating Program (NMHAOP) will need your full support to make the supervision program successful.

The NMHAOP executive has started a Supervision and ‘Pay Back’ pilot program in for all referees of all levels, to ensure that we meet the goal of 500 supervisions and to support the development of officials. To date, we have been successful completing the 500 supervisions each year since it started.

Supervision and ‘Pay Back’ Program

NMHAOP has already established a supervision program, with the development funds from the NMHA.  A few years ago we were short by half of

our goal of 500 supervisions, therefore, it is clear that more effort and motivation are required. The executive started the Supervision and ‘Pay Back’ Pilot program for one year, and we successfully met the target of 500 supervisions.

Each official will be required to complete certain tasks asked by our program in order to receive recognition, promotions, awards and prizes.


Below are a list of tasks to be completed for each level of official in the NMHAOP.  Each task must be witnessed by any NMHA/NMHAOP executive members, who will then email the Director of Officials reporting that the official has completed the required task.

Each official must submit a ‘Pay Back’ program form online with the selection of which tasks they wish to complete. This form can be found at the following link:

Level 1 First Year Officials Mustcomplete two of the following tasks listed below:

  • Arrive for General Meetings early to set up tables and chairs

  • Take attendance at the first three General meetings (Does not include the Christmas or Year End Parties). Email RIC Nico Bidin if interested.

  • Complete 4 mandatory quizzes. First and second quiz must be completed before January 1st, 2019. Third and fourth before end of Feburary, 2019.

  • Attend one of the two official system on-ice session in September.

Level 2 Second Year and above must complete two of the following tasks listed below:

  • Volunteer to participate in Shadow Program for two games at Novice and Atom House League levels.

  • Attend the three-official system on-ice session in September (Second/Third year officials only).

  • Attend 3 games with experienced supervisor and complete 2 supervision reports online (Only for officials with no supervision experience). Contact Eric Bazinet or Eric Hipson for details.

  • Complete 6 supervision reports, 3 reports before end of November and 3 before end of February (For Level 2 officials with supervisor experience).

  • If additional tasks are needed, refer to Level 1 tasks for additional options.

Level 3 & Above Officials must complete 12 supervision reports plus one of the following tasks listed below:

  • Complete 12 supervision reports within Nepean before February 1st (Mandatory for all level 3 officials).

  • Volunteer to participate in Shadow program for 3 games at Novice and Atom House League levels (Before end of October).

  • Participate and help NMHAOP executive members with on-ice sessions, make-up quiz meetings, etc.

  • On-ice mentor for one game to assist officials starting out three-official system.

  • Participate in mentorship program with Cameron Watts. Contact Cameron Watts for additional information.

Failure to complete two of tasks will result in the following:

1. No referee role until tasks are completed.

2. No play-off games if none of task still haven’t been completed by end of February.

3. If tasks become unavailable for unforeseen circumstances, the NMHA executive can provide additional options to meet program


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