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Mentorship Program



The three-year mentorship program helps develop young officials faster.  It provides the initial framework to help accelerate the young officials and provides direction to future success. 


What makes the program effective?


The program takes the officiating journey beyond just on-ice experience.  It is made up of off-ice and on-ice events that provide both practical application to improve and the knowledge reinforcement required for success.  


The program includes the following activities:


First year pre-season on-ice instruction - this instructional ice time is an opportunity to practice your early knowledge before your first games.  


A rule Quiz Program - improving rule knowledge so that when you make calls, they’re applied correctly. 


A Shadow Program - your first games of the year have an experienced referee on the ice to help make small corrections and support you in the first events as an official.  


Partnered with Mentors - officiating mentors to work games with you over the course of a season, to give you recommended changes to inject into your game.


Receiving Supervisions - coaching and feedback on on-ice performance, geared to strengthen the fundamental skills and apply rule knowledge in the future.  

Attending Classroom learning - as a group, debriefing the questions you have, the quizzes you take, and to prepare you for different situations that may happen over the season.  

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