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NMHA House League Rule Changes 2018-19

Policy – Repeat Penalty Rule (3 infractions)

Any player from Atom to Juvenile divisions incurring three (3) minor penalty infraction incidents in the same game will be ejected for the remainder of that game. An infraction for which a penalty shot is awarded, which otherwise would have resulted in a minor penalty, shall be counted as a minor penalty infraction for purposes of this rule. Double minors count as one infraction unless otherwise specified by the referee.


  1. Players are accumulating repeat penalties that do not carry a suspension and are remaining in play. By remaining on the ice, they are continuing to incur infractions which results in high penalty minutes and potential injury to opponents. This rule is intended to hold players accountable for their behaviour on the ice.

  2. We already follow this rule in Juvenile since they interlock with District B and it has proven to be successful in calming the games, and removing players before further escalation occurs.

  3. District B has been using this rule for several years and it was put into effect in order for them to have a “clear and concise standard by which a player’s participation in the game can be made to end if they are not behaving.” They also indicated that it provides a coach with a good rationale for calming a team that is subjected to repeated infractions from that opposing team.



  1. Infractions that would count to the 3-game limit include:

a. Boarding and Body Checking;

b. Charging;
c. Head Contact;

d. Elbowing and Kneeing; e. Roughing;
f. Holding;
g. Hooking;

h. Interference
i. Tripping;
j. Butt-ending;
k. Cross Checking; l. High Sticking; m. Slashing;

n. Spearing;
o. Handling the Puck;
p. Unsportsmanlike Conduct

 2.  Misconducts are not minor penalties and would not count towards the 3-infraction rule.

 3.  Penalties as a result of Bench Minors will not count towards the 3 infractions for players who serve them.

 4.  Sequential minor penalties would count towards the three infraction rules.  Example:  A player receives a penalty for slashing and then argues the call and receives another penalty for Unsportsmanlike conduct. The player would then have 2 minor infractions towards the 3 infraction rule.

 5.  Double Minors – double minors should always be recorded on the game sheet as two separate minor penalties and but count as 1 infraction towards the 3-infraction rule.

 6.  Goaltenders are held to the same standard in this ruling. If a goaltender gets ejected for 3 infractions the team can put a backup goaltender in if dressed, continue to play without, or continue to play while another player dresses in the required goaltender equipment. There is no time given to allow for changing since the goaltender was not injured.

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